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The Ramp Spend Management and Ramp Card is the all-in-one spend management solution for high-growth companies. With Ramp, finance teams simplify expense reporting and policy enforcement while earning cash back on every purchase.

After a quick and easy 10-minute setup, Ramp provides direct accounting integrations to systems like NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and QuickBooks. The platform's AI-powered features such as automatic receipt matching and advanced savings insights help businesses realize significant time and cost savings from the very onset.

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Ramp customers earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every employee card purchase. The virtual and physical Ramp corporate cards also come with customizable spending limits, instant budget alerts, and real-time approvals for greater expenditure control via the most common communication platforms in the industry.

The user-friendly Ramp dashboard centralizes expense tracking, reporting, and vendor insights with just a few clicks. Features like automated policy enforcement and smart expense categorization ensure financial discipline across the organization.

With the Ramp platform and ramp card, high-growth companies simplify spend management, increase visibility, and accelerate growth without compromising on finances. The platform is trusted by hundreds of customers and thousands of users across all industries looking to optimize costs and boost their bottom line.

Product Overview

Real-Time Expense Tracking

With Ramp's expense tracking feature, users get real-time visibility into every transaction with instant purchase notifications. As soon as an employee makes a purchase with their Ramp card, an alert is sent with transaction details like the merchant name, date, amount, and purchase category.

This real-time tracking allows finance teams to monitor spending with the ramp card across the organization down to the individual employee level. Unexpected expenditures using ramp's business card or suspicious transactions can be flagged quickly before they add up. Customizable rules and thresholds provide further control over spend monitoring.

For example, you can limit how much an employee can spend at a restaurant in a single transaction or per month. If they exceed a limit, the Ramp solution will automatically send you an alert in whatever means you'd like (slack, text, etc.)

Ramp card automated receipt capture feature

Automated Receipt Capture

Ramp's Automated Receipt Capture eliminates the need for manual expense report creation which is a significant cost savings to those who currently use an expense management or reimbursement solution. With the Ramp mobile app, employees can instantly snap a photo of any paper or digital receipt. Ramp's proprietary artificial intelligence technology automatically scans and extracts key details from the receipt image, including merchant name, date, amount paid, items purchased, and more.

The extracted receipt data integrates directly into the Ramp dashboard to streamline expense reporting. Ramp's receipt OCR capability reads both structured receipt data as well as unstructured data from handwritten receipts or unconventional formats. This automated receipt capture removes friction from employee expense reporting, saving time and reducing errors caused by manual data entry.

Spend Management Dashboard

The Ramp Spend Management Dashboard delivers unmatched visibility into corporate expenditure. From one centralized dashboard, financial leaders can track and analyze spending across multiple dimensions like expense category, vendor, employee, department, project, and custom tags.

Configurable filters allow finance teams to easily slice and dice transaction data for targeted insights. Users can set budgets by category, vendor, or cost center, and configure custom alerts for immediate notifications when spending thresholds are exceeded.

The Ramp dashboard also enables granular control over expenditures. Businesses can establish and enforce adjustable spending limits at the organization, department, employee, and card levels. Real-time alert triggers automatically enforce compliance with budget, supplier, and spend policies.

With robust reporting and drill-down capabilities, the user-friendly Ramp dashboard becomes a hub for data-driven spend analysis and decision making. Ramp equips finance teams with comprehensive visibility and control over every dollar spent, ensuring optimal ROI on corporate expenditures.

Virtual Cards

Ramp's Virtual Cards enable businesses to securely and easily make purchases online without physical cards. Within the Ramp dashboard, virtual card numbers can be generated instantly for one-time online transactions.

Employees can use Ramp virtual cards to safely make subscriptions, software purchases, online advertising spend, and other digital transactions. Virtual cards come with built-in guards against fraud, including customizable spending limits, expiration dates, and single-use card numbers.

For high risk transactions, Ramp's virtual card controls provide effective protection. Businesses can generate a virtual card with a preset spending maximum that expires after one use. This limits exposure and reduces the risk of overspending on digital purchases.

With Ramp's virtual payment cards, businesses streamline digital procurement while tightening security. Virtual cards eliminate the need to provide sensitive corporate card details to vendors. Ramp's instant virtual card generation and robust controls provide effective safeguards against fraud for online transactions.

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Credit Card reconciliations are manual and time-consuming. Company uses outdated software and in-need of tighter controls around who is spending and what they're spending money on. This includes the use of pricey expense report software.


Intelligent Expense Management

Ramp uses advanced machine learning technology to automatically categorize expenses, eliminating the need for manual tagging. Ramp's smart expense categorization makes it easy to visualize spending trends, track budget vs actuals, and streamline accounting workflows. The AI-powered system studies past transactions to improve categorization accuracy over time.

No Hidden Fees

Ramp offers straightforward, transparent pricing so you know exactly what you are paying. There are no hidden fees with Ramp's corporate expense cards. Businesses can confidently forecast program costs without surprise charges. The simple fee structure includes interchange fees and a low monthly fee per active card.

Customizable Spending Controls

Granular spending controls allow businesses to configure Ramp's corporate cards to match their financial policies and controls. Per-transaction and monthly spending limits can be customized at the company, department, employee, and card levels. Instant budget alerts notify finance teams when predefined thresholds are exceeded.

Seamless Accounting Integrations

Ramp offers plug-and-play integrations with leading accounting systems including QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and more. Bi-directional syncing pushes card transaction data into accounting systems to eliminate duplicate data entry. Ramp simplifies accounting and provides a complete financial picture.

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