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The BILL Spend and Expense Business Card and Expense Management platform streamlines spend while providing smart credit solutions for your growing business. As an accounting leader, you can gain unmatched visibility and control over expenditures with Divvy.

BILL combines corporate card issuance, automated expense reporting, and flexible repayment options in one seamless platform. The Divvy credit card and intuitive expense management dashboard transform the way finance teams track, manage, and analyze spending.

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Customizable card limits align employee access with business needs. Configurable expense workflows fit your approval processes. BILL spend and expense reimbursements become effortless with integrated reporting and accounting system connectivity.

With the BILL spend and expense card and smart expense automation, finance teams regain control, reduce work, and enable growth. The all-in-one spend management hub provides the flexibility and insights you need to confidently scale.

Product Overview

Take Control of Spend With Divvy Budgeting

BILL Spend makes it easy to create customized budgets at the department, team, or project level. Configurable spend caps ensure expenses align to targets. Real-time reporting provides visibility into budget utilization and remaining funds.

For example, assign a $5,000 quarterly marketing budget for campaign expenses. Get notifications as the budget is consumed. Adjust budgets upwards as business needs change. BILL spend and expense brings discipline to spending.

Streamline Expense Management Workflows

BILL Spend and Expense automates the entire expense reporting process to save your team time. Purchases made with the BILL Spend corporate cards are instantly categorized and assigned to employees.

Expenses like business travel and software subscriptions are coded to the right categories without manual entry. BILL expense reimbursements become seamless with automated report creation. Say goodbye to chasing receipts and paper forms.

Empower Employees With Smart Divvy Credit

The BILL Spend and Expense Card equips each employee with corporate card access to make necessary purchases without reimbursements. Configurable card-level spending limits align to their role.

Managers can easily adjust employee credit lines to accommodate growth. Virtual BILL Spend and Expense business cards enable trusted employees to safely make online purchases. Put spend in employee hands while maintaining control.

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Centralize Payments With BILL Spend and Expense

Pay all your business bills seamlessly from BILL Spend and Expense. Flexibly pay invoices, schedule recurring payments to vendors, and manage wire transfers from one dashboard.

BILL Spend and Expense syncs seamlessly with your accounting system. Bills are automatically reconciled and coded for you. No more logging into multiple portals to manage payables.

Safeguard Spend with Divvy Fraud Protection

BILL Spend and Expense provides robust safeguards against fraudulent transactions, giving you peace of mind. Configurable transaction-level controls block high-risk purchases.

Spending velocity rules detect anomalies and prevent abuse. BILL Spend and Expense's virtual card numbers add an extra layer of protection for online transactions.

With BILL Spend and Expense, receive alerts on any blocked charges or declined payments for review. Powerful fraud tools analyze patterns across millions of data points to identify emerging threats before your business is impacted.

Your finance team gains visibility into fraud health with risk scores for every employee card. Leverage BILL Spend and Expense's enterprise-grade fraud capabilities tailored for your growing business spend needs.

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C-Suite to non-finance employees.

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A business looking for comprehensive, real-time financial management platform to streamline budgeting, spending, and bill payment processes. They value transparency in their financial operations, are proactive about preventing overspending, and appreciate user-friendly solutions that integrate seamlessly with their existing business systems.


The All-In-One Financial Hub

BILL Spend and Expense provides a centralized hub to manage all aspects of business spend, eliminating the need for multiple disjointed systems. Within BILL Spend and Expense, seamlessly set budgets across the organization, issue virtual and physical credit cards, process reimbursements, pay suppliers, and sync accounting.

For example, your marketing team simply logs into their BILL Spend and Expense dashboard to access real-time budgets, make purchases with BILL Spend and Expense card, submit expenses, view invoices, and more. By consolidating financial tasks into one platform, BILL Spend and Expense saves your staff time and provides unified visibility.

Real-Time Visibility Into Every Dollar Spent

BILL Spend and Expense enables true real-time tracking of all expenses, not just monthly reporting. As employees make purchases with BILL Spend and Expense corporate cards, transactions are reflected instantly in the system. Reimbursements and bill payments are updated in real-time.

With ongoing visibility rather than lagging reports, you can better control spending and make data-driven decisions on-the-fly. Never miss budget targets again. For example, if a project is nearing its limits, BILL Spend and Expense alerts you so you can decide if new funds are justified.

Preempt Overspending With Proactive Budgeting

BILL Spend and Expense focuses on preemptive budget allocation so your teams understand available spend before making purchases. For instance, clearly allocate $50,000 for an upcoming product launch. As marketing and development teams access those funds, the available balance decreases in real-time.

Configurable thresholds trigger notifications so your staff can adjust spending when necessary before going over budget. By proactively defining budgets aligned to targets, Divvy empowers smarter decisions.

Designed For Efficiency, Not Profit

BILL Spend and Expense provides its robust platform and features at no hidden cost to maximize your budget efficiency. There are no burdensome monthly subscription fees, complex pricing tiers, or surprise setup charges.

You gain access to enterprise-level spend management capabilities tailored for your business needs, without profit-driven fees eroding your finances. Focus your budget on business growth, not software costs.

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