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Airbase is a comprehensive spend management platform specifically crafted to empower modern finance teams in achieving full control over their expenses. With a range of features including virtual and physical cards, automated accounting, bill payments, and customizable approval workflows, Airbase simplifies the entire process of spend management.

As an accounting leader, you know the pain of manual expense management all too well. Airbase goes beyond basic expense reporting to automate the full spend cycle - from corporate card issuance to reimbursements, invoice processing, and syncing directly with your accounting system. No more chasing down receipts and tedious data entry.

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Airbase provides real-time insights and intelligent automation, allowing finance teams to make informed decisions quickly. The software was purpose-built by finance veterans who understood the limitations of legacy solutions like Concur and Expensify.

With Airbase, you consolidate spend channels into one intuitive platform that your team will enjoy using. Easy policy setting, automatic AP/AR workflows, and seamless accounting integration help accounting do more in less time. For accounting and procurement leaders seeking improved financial control, time savings, and reduced risk, Airbase is the ideal spend management solution.

Product Overview

Streamline Spending With Airbase's Physical and Virtual Cards

Airbase offers both virtual and physical corporate card options to simplify employee spending. Customizable card-level and transaction-level limits provide control over expenditures. Real-time notifications on every purchase enable your finance team to track spending as it happens across the organization.

Employees can instantly create virtual Airbase cards to securely make purchases online without exposing card details. Single-use virtual cards add a layer of protection for high-risk transactions.

With Airbase cards and granular controls, you empower employees with flexible, efficient spending while maintaining visibility and discipline.

Automate Accounting Workflows With Airbase

Airbase automates the entire accounting process to eliminate manual data entry and reconciliation work for your team. AI-powered technology categorizes every transaction in real-time. Expenses seamlessly flow into your Choice of leading accounting systems like NetSuite, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Online and more.

Say goodbye to manual coding, long expense reports, and duplicate data entry. Airbase provides upto-date financial insights in real-time by syncing card expenses directly to your books. Your team is freed from mundane accounting busywork.

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Streamline Bill Payments and AP Workflows

Airbase makes accounts payable simple by consolidating supplier invoices and bill payments in one place. You can quickly match bills to card charges and receipts. Customizable rules auto-code expenses for easy accounting reconciliation.  

Flexible approval workflows with spend limits and requester exceptions add oversight where you need it. With Airbase, your AP team can simplify and accelerate the entire payment process from end-to-end.

Maintain Financial Control With Custom Approval Workflows

Airbase allows you to create and enforce tailored approval rules and spending limits across the organization. Easily set per-transaction, monthly, and annual limits at global, departmental, or employee levels. Automatic notifications ensure compliance.

Custom workflows provide oversight while empowering employees. Approval chains can be configured based on spend categories, vendors, requesters, and other parameters you specify. Add conditional rules based on your policies.

With Airbase, you gain organization-wide control over spending and deliver transparency into procurement. Customizable approval workflows ensure financial discipline across every dimension of company expenditure.

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A Solution That Scales With Your Business

Airbase delivers automated accounting that grows with your evolving business needs. Smart expense categorization and accounting system integrations provide real-time visibility and eliminate manual reconciliation.

For instance, as your team size expands, new employees are automatically set up to manage expenses through Airbase with the proper access and permissions. All their spend data seamlessly flows into your chart of accounts - no additional accounting configuration needed.

As you add new departments or cost centers, Airbase automatically categorizes related expenses to the appropriate accounts. New subsidiaries are onboarded through a simple settings change rather than manual accounting system modifications.

No matter how your operations grow and change, Airbase's accounting automation ensures financial insights keep pace with expansion while removing repetitive manual work. The platform scales to meet your needs now and in the future.

Configurable Approval Workflows for Any Business

Airbase's flexible approval workflows adapt to your spending policies and controls. Easily set granular transaction limits, tailored approval chains, conditional rules, and custom exception management. The configurable workflows provide oversight when you need it while enabling employee spending autonomy. Change and expand workflows as your business grows.

Modern Bill Payments Without the Hassle

Say goodbye to printing checks and managing wire transfers. Airbase offers electronic bill pay to automate accounts payable. Flexible options consolidate invoicing and payments in one unified workflow. Automated approvals, reconciliation, and accounting system syncs streamline end-to-end payment processing.

Intuitive Interface Built for User Adoption

Airbase focused on ease-of-use with a user experience that drives widespread adoption across your organization. The modern interface is visually engaging and intuitive for all users regardless of technical skill.

For example, employees can easily snap photos of receipts and submit expenses in just a few taps on their phone. Step-by-step guidance during onboarding reduces training time. Dashboard charts and reporting tools require no manual configuration, allowing finance leaders to derive insights instantly.

Features like auto-categorization of transactions and seamless accounting integrations work behind the scenes to remove complexity. The software proactively guides users with built-in tips and support so anyone can manage spend confidently.

With Airbase's well-designed interface and thoughtful user experience, your team will embrace modern spend management tools that drive engagement across the organization and make finance's job easier.

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