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The Brex Corporate Card simplifies spend for high-growth companies. As an accounting leader, you know the pains of managing spend across distributed teams and rapid scaling. Brex provides a corporate card solution purpose-built for efficient spend management.

But what is Brex and what does it really do that's different than the other cards out there? 

The Brex card delivers unparalleled visibility and control over expenditures for startups, e-commerce, and life sciences businesses. Customizable employee card limits adjust dynamically with real-time approvals as your company's needs evolve.

The Brex platform enables seamless accounting integration, instant virtual card generation, and robust spend analytics. Features like automated subscriptions and international payment processing accommodate business spend of all types.

Brex makes it easy to monitor every dollar spent while earning exclusive rewards and perks. The intuitive interface simplifies expense tracking and reporting for finance teams. With Brex, high-growth businesses get a corporate card tailored to their unique needs and designed for efficiency.

Product Overview

Dynamic Spending Limits

Brex enables real-time adjustments to employee spending limits based on your changing business needs. Rather than static limits, financing adjusts dynamically based on cash flow, revenue, and other factors for continuous flexibility.

For example, if your company forecast shows increased revenue next quarter from a major new client, you can instantly raise an employee's spend limit preemptively to align with the growth plans. Eliminate time consuming limit increase requests.

As your business scales, employee limits can be automatically raised by integrating directly with your accounting system data. If revenue declines, limits are dynamically decreased to reduce risk.

With Brex, employee credit limits evolve in lockstep with your company's financials. The flexible limits mean credit access keeps pace with your needs as you grow without added risk or work.

Automated Reconciliation

Brex automates reconciliation by syncing corporate card transactions directly with your accounting system like QuickBooks or NetSuite. Expenses are automatically coded based on merchant category and mapped to the appropriate general ledger accounts.

For example, a payment to AWS is instantly categorized as a technology/software expense under operations. Airline purchases are coded as corporate travel under administrative expenses. Brex and the brex card program eliminates the need for manual categorization.

All Brex corp card charges, receipts and supporting documents are aggregated and organized within Brex. With just a few clicks, your accounting team can match transactions and finalize monthly reconciliations in a fraction of the time.

No more chasing down lost receipts or trying to decipher handwritten expense reports. Brex provides your team with a complete audit trail along with automated categorization and reconciliation. Say goodbye to duplicative data entry and get accurate financials with ease.

Lucrative Rewards Program

Brex offers one of the most rewarding programs in the industry. Users earn points on every card purchase, which can be redeemed for statement credits, travel, gift cards, and other business services.

For instance, points earned on software subscriptions or AWS spend can be redeemed to lower those recurring costs. Take advantage of rewards across major business expenses.

Seamless Accounting Integrations

Brex integrates seamlessly with leading accounting, expense management, and ERP systems. This provides a unified financial platform that connects the entire spend management lifecycle.

Rather than disjointed apps, Brex syncs transaction data to platforms like QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite, and so you get a complete financial view in one place.

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C-Suite to non-finance employees.

Buyer Profile

Typical buyers of Brex are finance and accounting professionals within startups, e-commerce businesses, and life sciences companies looking for a robust, intuitive, and flexible financial management system that allows for efficient expense tracking, automated reconciliation, and valuable rewards.



Unlike traditional financial service providers that require credit history, Brex makes decisions based on the cash balance of the company, making it an excellent fit for startups.

No Personal Guarantee

With Brex, business owners aren't required to make a personal guarantee, thereby separating personal and business finances and mitigating the risk for owners.

Reward System

Brex’s reward system is highly competitive. Users can earn points on every dollar spent, with no cap on the points that can be earned. These points can be redeemed for cash, travel, or business services, which few competitors offer.

Brex Exclusive

This unique membership program offers hefty discounts on various business services like AWS, Google Ads, Slack, and more, making it a highly valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their spending.

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